And Still - Best Fleshlight Camstar

When bitches talk shit I have to remind them what's really up.

I would be embarrassed if I could not place in the top 20 as a Fleshlight Camstar!!!

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Webcam - Hall - Of - Fame




Eva Sin

As we all know Flirt Of The Year is a pretty big deal on Flirt 4 Free's network.

Not only does it showcase how well us models have done throughout the year, but it also gives models the opportunity to take home even MORE money
at the end of the year.

Over the last few years Flirt has been doing this thing called " Super Votes ".

Basically fans are allowed to vote for their favorite model once a day for free.

But for those of you willing to spend whatever it takes to see your favorite model win the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you can "Super Vote " them
until your fingers bleed.

Or until you run out of credits lol.

Now although I opt out of these festivities each year and tend to stay as far away from the madness as possible, this year I wanted to do something

Normally when the fans enter my room and ask why they are unable to vote for me, I tend to laugh and crack a few jokes in an
attempt at making them feel better and hopefully a bit more understanding as to my reasons for opting out.

But this year I want everyone to go and vote for Eva Sin.

Not only is this girl one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen on Flirt 4 Free's network, but she is also one of the hardest working models I know.

While many models for whatever reason choose to cam a part time schedule, Eva Sin cams her ass off and in my opinion deserves to win everything Flirt
has to offer.

So stop drooling, drop your dicks, and go and vote.

You can pick your dicks back up afterwards...





If The Shoe Fits Wear It

I'm so sick of being asked " Natalie can we Skype " and when I say No, they say " But this model does it. "


Flirt has given us a platform to succeed on. They provide the traffic, the tech support, the billing processors, etc.
So to take customers from it for your own personal gain is flat out stealing.

October makes 8 years that I have been with Flirt, and in that time I have never had to steal from their network to succeed.

I have never had to Skype, take Pay Pal, do Snap Cash, set up Go Funds, or ANYTHING of that nature.

All I have ever needed was a solid work ethic.

It saddens me to see so many bubbleheads fantasizing that they are living the life, when in reality they are barely getting by.

UM HELLO........
Flirt is the only network that gives away over $30,000 a month in model bonuses and contest money.

Why would you steal from a company that has not only gone above and beyond for you, but has given you the tools to be able to better yourself.

Now I know models are going to read this and say " well we don't make what you make Natalie " and to that all I can say is

I started at 21% years ago and worked my ass off to be the highest paid performer on Flirt's Network.


You too can succeed. You too can make big money. But you too have to work for it.
You have to want it. You have to dedicate yourself and put in the hours.

Show me a model on Flirt who claims to make big money on the side from Pay Pal, Skype, or any other platform designed to take such payments and I will
show you a liar.

I know that by writing this I'm going to upset a few people.

But the truth is, I really don't give a fuck.

If the shoe fits, wear it!

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Calls - Models - Out




Who Is The Best Fleshlight Camstar

So a really good fan of mine messaged me on twitter recently and asked me if I had ever asked Google " Who Is The Best Fleshlight Camstar."

Although it is no secret that I have sold more Fleshlights then any of the girls on the camstar line combined, I couldn't help but find myself rushing to the
computer to see what Google had to say about it.

I was actually shocked to see that not only was I all over the first page of my inquiry, but at how many of my photos were available on the image page.

As a sense of satisfaction ran through my mind I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear in knowing I did it.

As we all know, Fleshlight is like the " Nike " of the adult toy industry.

So as huge as signing a Fleshlight contract was for me, its been even more amazing being its best selling camstar.

The point of this blog however is not to belittle the others who have tried, but it is to say thank you to all of my fans and friends for the years of support.

With out each and every one of you I could not have made it this far.

Together we did it!

Even - Google - Knows - Natalie - Star - Is - The - Best - Fleshlight - CamStar




Meet My Hottest New Starlet

When I met this Colombian beauty just 4 and a half months ago, I knew this girl was going to be a huge success.

The more we spoke the more I saw so much of myself in her.

She not only had many of the same hopes and dreams I had, but she was not afraid to leap in any one direction to achieve them.

Now it's no secret that over the years I have recruited and mentored some of the highest earning models in the video chat industry.

This girl however was different.

I remember asking her what her goals were and what she wanted to achieve in this industry, if anything at all.

" I want to be you " she said. " I want to be the best."

With that being said it wasn't long before I put this Colombian beauty on a plane and moved her to Las Vegas.

In just the short while she has been here, her drive to succeed has outspoken itself time and time again.

Not only has she quickly become a fast learner, but she is a huge reminder of where I came from.

So do me a favor guys and be sure to check this hottie out.

I assure you that she will not disappoint you.

Natalie - Stars - New - Top - Earner - Scarlet - Taylor




I've Got Nothing Left To Prove

As I step back and look at how saturated the webcam modeling industry has become I cannot help but ask myself if it is time to say goodbye.

I remember when there were only 3 sites and anyone who was anyone was on Flirt 4 Free. We were a part of something beautiful at a time when webcam
modeling was considered Taboo.

Today however, the net is full of clones pretending to be something they are not. Articles are now ran on models based on how much their studios spend on
advertising, versus how much they are actually worth or even earn a year.

As the webcam modeling industry quickly becomes the new circus I find it hard to want to associate myself with the clowns anymore. I have nothing left to

I have been inducted into the Adult Webcam Hall Of Fame.

I have a successful line of lube which has sold over 500 bottles in under 6 months.

I have been named Xbiz Woman of the Month for my accomplishments in the Webcam Industry.

I have been featured in Playboy for owning and operating one of the top grossing recruiting studios on Flirt 4 Free's network.

I've sold more Fleshlights in 1 year then any other camstar was able to do. In fact, I sold more Fleshlights in 1 year then the first Fleshlight camstar was
able to do in 2 years.

With that being said I cannot help but feel that it may be time to say goodbye.

But don't get too excited bitches... I'm not leaving yet!

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Says - Goodbye




Look Who Got Inducted Into The Webcam Hall Of Fame

Now this is was very cool!!!

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Webcam - Hall - Of - Fame




Thank You Xbiz

I want to send another HUGE shout-out to Xbiz.

Thank you for all of your support throughout the years.

Keep up the great job!!!

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Xbiz - Article - March - 2017




Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

I remember the first time I logged into Flirt4Free.

I had never cammed before and as nervous as I was, I would have never thought 7 years later I would still be here.

To date I am not only one of the Highest Profiled Cam Stars on the net, but I have also mentored some of Flirt's top earning talent over the years.

Although there have been up's and down's, and occasional hiccups along the road, I know that without Flirt4Free there would be no Natalie Star.

Their support, motivation, and ability to continue to grow in an industry that is ever changing is phenomenal. Therefore renewing my exclusivity contract was
a no brainer, as I could never see myself calling any other network Home.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Renews - Flirt - Contract - 2017




Thank You So Much For This

This year at AVN I was honored to have met an amazing artist by the name of Popeye Wong.

For those of you have never heard of Popeye Wong you are definitely missing out. When Popeye and I began talking on twitter last year he had told me that
he would love to draw a picture of me. I sent him a few photos from my Fleshlight shoot and we remained in contact over the year. When he told me that he
was going to stop by this years AVN / AEexpo show to say hi I could not help but wonder if maybe, just maybe, he was going to surprise me with a drawing.

Well as you see words cannot describe how amazingly talented this artist is.

Popeye I am truly honored to have been able to meet you and will always cherish the artwork you presented me with.

Thank You...

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Receives - Fan - Art - At - AVN - 2017




Meet Me At AVN

This year I will once again be signing at the Hard Rock Hotel here in Las Vegas during the Adult Entertainment Expo.

As we all know AVN is where the best of the best come out to strut their stuff. I am honored to be once again be signing at the Flirt 4 Free booth and will
this year also be signing at the Fleshlight booth.

As always I am just as excited to meet the fans as they seem to be to meet me. I would have never made it this far in this industry without each and every
one of you.

Thank you all for the years of support.

See you soon!!!

Meet - Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - AVN - 2017




Order Yours Today

You can order my personal lube by " CLICKING HERE "

For those of you interested in winning a signed bottle directly from me please visit my " RAFFLE " page.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Presents - CLASS - Spunk - Lube




Got Lube

In conjunction with SPUNK Lube I challenge you to Cum Like A Super Star.

C.L.A.S.S Hybrid is a water based silicone lubricant that resembles the look and feel of your body's own natural lubricant.
This non staining, hypoallergenic formula cleans up very easily and is formulated with the highest quality of ingredients which reactivates with water, saliva,
or sweat, making it usable for all occasions.

This lube was designed for both men and women looking to add a little something extra to their sex lives.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Presents - CLASS - Spunk - Lube




It Just Keeps Getting Better And Better

For those of you who thought my Fleshlight deal received an amazing amount of coverage, just wait until my next announcement goes live.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Fleshlight - Review




Thank You Xbiz

Look who's on page 57 of the July print issue of Xbiz World Magazine.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Xbiz Article - July




Pokémon Go

So it seems everyone is running wild playing the new Pokémon Go. Now I'm not sure if it's just me, or if this really is one of the best games I've played in a
long time.

The other day while trying to catch a rare and exotic Pokémon I couldn't help but think, what if I was a rare exotic Poke-woman? What if you found me
inside a Pokémon Ball. As my mind wandered and became full of erotic possibilities I decided to take the time to write this to ask you just exactly what your
thoughts were on the situation.

So how about you click the " Let's Chat " button and tell me all the naughty things you'd do to me if you found me in a Pokémon Ball.

I bet my Pokémon fantasy's are dirtier than yours.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Loves - Pokémon Go




I Don't See What's So Special About Natalie Star

" I don't see what's so special about Natalie Star " ( she said in a heavy accent as if she had learned to speak English from a parrot ).

Well for you my favorite little nobody, I have decided to post just a few of the articles that have been written on me along with a few quotes.

“Natalie Star is one of the best marketers in the cam business,” said Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin. “Her level of celebrity and dominance within Flirt4Free
transcends beyond the platform and throughout social media and the adult press.”

Oh my, that's a quote directly from Fleshlight now isn't it. Now what about those who have worked with me and had to deal with me on a day to day basis for
the past few years.

"Natalie Star is a prime example of a cam star who has successfully made herself into a brand,” said Eddie Bastian, Flirt4Free’s senior account executive.

“She is one of the hardest working models I have ever had the pleasure of working with,” Bastian said. “She always steps up to the plate and gives 110% in
any project she does.”

“What Natalie has built from the ground up is amazing,” says Flirt4Free exec Eddie Bastian. “It takes a lot to be a model. And for her to be a model and also
run an extremely successful studio is—well—it’s kind of mind-boggling sometimes.”

OMG wait, that's from Flirt4Free's senior account executive Eddie Bastian himself. Could this be it? Could these actual quotes above or the articles in the
images below be what makes little ole me one of the best Fleshlight camstars on the net? Could this be what is so special about me?


See the more you hate on me, the more popular I become. So instead of worrying about what I am doing, worry about why you are worrying about what I
am doing.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Kiiroo - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Press - Release

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Playboy - Articles - Kiiroo - CamStar - Natalie - Star




The Color Pink

Something about the color pink has always excited me. I mean think about it, some of the best things in life are pink. There's lemonade, cotton candy,
grapefruit, starburst, jelly beans, strawberry quik, sprinkled doughnuts, cupcakes, and best of all, pussy. Being bi-sexual I have to admit that pussy is one of
the most amazing things to ever be made pink. If you haven't already you should click the videos tab above and check out some of the amazing girl on girl
videos I have done over the years. I still get wet thinking about the girls I've played with and the fun times we've had on cam. Speaking of pussy, have you
ordered my Fleshlight yet? For those of you who have I'm sure you can attest to what it is the makes me one of the best Fleshlight camstars on the net. I'll
give you a hint..... it's pink ; )

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Love - The - Color - Pink





It seems like yesterday you were telling me on the phone that I was only a cam model. I remember wanting to throw my phone through the wall as I grit my
teeth listening to you speak from your high horse as if you were better then me. Why should I care what she thinks I remember telling myself. Who the fuck
does she think she is anyway! Many times people forget where they come from. In fact, many times they find themselves in positions where the need to
belittle others becomes as important to them as our need to eat and sleep to survive. Instead of being mad about those of you who have felt the need to try
to bring me down, I am thankful for the words in which you spoke because they fueled me to continue to succeed. Now with the news of your position being
stripped from you, and I hear that your high horse has rode off without you, I wish to share with you the " Lessons Of Time " in regards to Karma.

Best - Fleshlight - CamStar - Natalie - Star - Karma




Gamers Unite

I will finish this blog when my controller dies.

Natalie - Star - Best - Fleshlight - Cam - Star - Gamer - Pic




Red Nose Day

I was shocked to see the lack of support from the Adult Industry pertaining to this special day. Red Nose Day is a special day where those of us in the USA
come together to help raise money for children in poverty. Unlike the commercials we see on TV daily with celebs asking us to help children in other countries,
this was a day used to help children in our own country. What saddens me even more is that all you had to do was go to Walgreens and buy a Red Nose for
the low price of $1. How fucking hard was that people? With porn constantly boasting profits that don't exist and performers claiming to be living the life, you
would think that everyone would've been wearing these noses. The truth however seems as if no one in our industry cared. No One tweeted, No One
donated, and No One went out of their way to make a difference. For me, yesterday was the first time that I have ever been ashamed to be apart of the
Adult Industry.

Best - Fleshlight - Cam - Star - Natalie - Star - Natalie - Star - Representing - Red - Nose - Day




Thank You Xbiz

Have you read the new Xbiz Interview on little ole me yet?
I wanted to say thank you to Xbiz for all of the support they have shown me over the years. I remember the first article I was ever featured in like it was
yesterday. From learning the ropes to being featured in Playboy the journey has been quite an amazing one. As I continue to grow I feel secure in knowing
that Xbiz will always be there to report my progress. Thank you to Stephen Yagielowicz at Xbiz as well for giving me the opportunity to do this interview.

Best - Fleshlight - Cam - Star - Natalie - Star - Xbiz - Article-2016




Teddy Love

Have you bought your favorite cam star a Teddy Love Toy yet? Whether you're a cam girl or a just a guy looking to buy your favorite girl something different,
I assure you that Teddy Love is all of that and so much more. Teddy Love has a silicone tongue that vibrates when you squeeze his ear to turn him on. His
other ear can be squeezed up to 10 times. Each squeeze triggering a different sensation. Teddy is also a great conversation piece and you will find that the
more you show him off the more interesting your Teddy Love stories will become. I myself love having Teddy online with me and the guys in my chat room
love it when I dress him up as R2-D2. I also use him as a Fleshlight stand at times and he seems to be pretty okay with it. Order your favorite cam star a
Teddy Love Toy by clicking HERE. I promise she will thank you for it every time she turns him on.

Best - Fleshlight - Cam - Star - Natalie - Star - Teddy - Love - Toys




I Will Always Love You

Words cannot describe the way I feel about the recent passing of my boy Achilles. He was my best friend in the whole world and the most amazing dog
anyone could ever wish for. I will never forget the times we shared together. Thank you for being an amazing part of my life.
I will always love you Achilles ♥♥♥

Cam-Star - Fleshlight - Model - Natalie - Star - Best - Friend




Call Me

So you weren't able to catch me online you say, well how about you pick up the phone and give me a call. I know not everyone is into the whole cam thing
and I completely understand. To be honest there's days I'm not feeling it myself. Sometimes there is nothing better then a hot bubble bath and a friendly
voice to help me unwind after a day of bouncing around on who knows what in my cam room. Hell, you may even need someone to help you relax at times
as well. Maybe your day was just as fucked up as mine and together we can make it better. Whatever the occasion is I want you to know that when you
call I am here for you. Whether its to laugh, cry, or even fuck the battery dead, I assure you that the experience will leave you wanting more.

Cam - Star - Natalie - Star - Call Me




Are Cam Stars The New Adult Stars

More and more I am being asked to share my thoughts in regards to this question. Although many in the adult industry would say that this is a subject
capable of much conflict, I guess it would be no different then the age old phrase "You Shouldn't Talk About Religion Or Politics." With that being said I am
going to give " My Opinion " which is based solely off of my own experience in this industry. Now before I speak, please keep in mind that my opinion
comes from being both in front of and behind the camera. I have been one of the cam industries highest profiled performers going on 7 years come this
October. I have also been one of the cam industries most successful recruiters as well. While porn pays a scene rate, cam pays a per minute spent in paid
show rate, and although I have yet to meet a porn star that makes six figures a year that does not mean that they do not exist. I do however have many cam
models averaging six figures a year on my payroll whom cam safely from the privacy of there own home. I guess comparing porn to cam could be like
comparing salaries of those in the NBA. For every Kobe Bryant there is 1000 little guys making league minimum and riding the bench. While starlets like
Jenna Jameson took porn to a new level, I thinks its safe to say that statistically its being proven that those days are over. As membership sites continue to
decline in sales, and cam becomes more and more popular, I have seen major players in the porn industry having to adapt to keep up. Porn stars are now
doing cam shows. As technology advances it's those who are willing to adapt with it that will continue to succeed. Now don't get me wrong, there will always
be a place for porn in the adult industry. However, its the cam model who puts in 30 to 40 hours a week from home who is more likely to be smiling in line
at the bank.

Cam - Star - Fleshlight - Natalie - Star




My Official Fleshlight Moment

Let me start off by saying that although I was hand selected by Fleshlight and Flirt4Free to be an " Official Fleshlight Model, " that there are those who
prefer I use the term " Cam Star by Fleshlight." To be honest, either is fine with me. My Fleshlight is now available and I can't wait to hear what everyone
has to say about it. Now as we all know, Fleshlight is home to one of the best male masturbation products in the world. So you could imagine how excited
I was when I was congratulated via email from the man himself, Fleshlights very own COO Brian Shubin. I was in tears when I read the email and even
more excited when my rep Eddie Bastian of Flirt4Free called me to congratulate me. I was getting ready to take a shower when the phone rang. I remember
hearing Eddie's voice and screaming into the phone. He was excited for me as well and I could not believe everything that was happening. So the only thing
I was able to do was scream in excitement of it all. For me, being selected for a Fleshlight mold was the equivalent of an actor being awarded an Oscar.
It is a very high honor in the adult industry and an even bigger accomplishment considering I am only a Cam Model. With that being said I would like to
remind you all that when I am online you can click the " Chat With Me " link in the menu above. I am normally online Monday - Saturday 11 am - 3 pm and
then again from 8 pm to Midnight Pacific Standard Time.

Cam - Star - Fleshlight - Natalie - Star




Is It Me Or Is All Of This Crazy

You know when I first hoped on cam almost 7 years ago I never once thought that it could ever turn into all of this.
Over the years I have had the opportunity to get to know some pretty amazing people. I remember the first time I was interviewed for an Xbiz article.
I was like for real, you want to interview me, I mean I'm just a cam model. Needless to say that 6 articles later and a spot as Xbiz World Magazines
Woman of the Month in the April 2014 edition, I was on top of the world. This had to be it I thought. I mean what could be bigger then Xbiz, what would be next
if anything at all. Then out of no where I get an email from Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals. She asked if I was interested in doing an interview for a magazine she
was working with at the time. I remember smiling ear to ear as I replied to her email. A few days later Dr. Chauntelle calls me and says; " I'm sorry, the
magazine we were going to run the story on you in isn't interested. So you're going to have to be ok with Playboy." Are you serious I said, are you fucking
with me or is this for real? Turns out that it was very real and on February 23rd of 2015 the Playboy Interview went live. Words cannot describe how I felt
when I saw my name and images being associated with one of the most iconic brands in the world. To this day I am still in awe of it all and sometimes I find
myself going back to reread the article just to make sure that it really happened. Although I have told her many times how thankful I am that she gave me
the opportunity to do the interview, I would like to say it again here in my first blog.

Thank you Chauntelle for seeing more in me then I ever knew existed. You are truly an inspiration to me and I am blessed to have been given the opportunity
to get to know you.